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Dwarf Rabbit


Looking to Buy a Pet Rabbit?

Looking for an affectionate, loving, friendly and social pet? Then look no further than the wonderful world of Rabbits! Rabbits are intelligent and playful and create a bond with you and your family. 

At the Davis Farm we re-home rabbits from the community, care for them until they are ready to go to new forever homes and then adopt them out to new loving families. 

We also have a few rabbits that we breed on the farm to use as a learning experience for kids as well as the sale of the babies raises much needed funds to support the work we do with the Rabbit.

Important things to consider before purchasing a Rabbit.

 Although they are small, rabbits need a lot of care, so it's important not to underestimate the work involved in having one as a pet.

You need to

  • provide a safe, secure and loving home for your rabbit. Their home needs to give them protection from weather and an escape from the heat and cold. They need fresh bedding replaced regularly. 

  • provide daily care, time, space and attention your rabbit requires.

  • learn basic rabbit health care - we provide information to help you, such as the importance of Chew sticks, clipping nails, cleaning and health checks.

What you'll need before getting your rabbit

Having the right equipment make taking care of your Rabbit much easier. 

  • play pen or safe area to play. It's important to have tunnel or hidey houses that they can hide from predators. and also have access to shade. 

  • litter tray

  • heavy water bowl and food bowl

  • Hay holder 

  • pet brush

  • pet nail scissors 

  • toys 

Available Rabbits

We charge an adoption fee for our Adult rabbits. This money helps cover the costs of feeding and housing Rabbits that we rescue, and allows us to continue being able to take rabbits that need new homes, and get them ready for new forever homes. Below are the Rabbits that are ready for their new homes

Baby Rabbits for Sale

These Baby rabbits are ready for new homes. Contact us at the farm for more information

the lovable Golden Retriever! Known for their friendly nature and love for play, he'll be your loyal companion.


Golden Retriever

the noble German Shepherd! Intelligent, courageous, and fiercely loyal, she's your steadfast companion and protector.


German Shepherd

the charming Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! With a heart of gold and gentle demeanor, he'll steal your heart in no time


Romanian Mioritic Shepherd

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